Create Job Fair Excitement through Social Media: A 10-Step Process

According to the recruiter at my company, having a booth at a Job Fair costs anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000. If I were to spend this kind of money, I would do anything to make sure it was well worth my investment. Wouldn’t you? I’m a inherently a problem solver. And it bothers me when people squander valuable and easy opportunities to make a difference. I see so many HR

An Introductory Guide: Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing

In ancient days, people either grew their own food, or hunted for their food. The difference is massive. How does this apply here? Growing signifies inbound marketing and hunting signifies outbound marketing. Although these days we prefer buying our food. Regardless, to keep with the analogy above, buying your customer from a source that sells customer data would mean grocery shopping. This essentially falls under the outbound marketing category. A

In the age of Digital, why spend money on Billboards?

I recently came across this post about Gas Buddy billboard by Dave Morse.While I agree with Dave’s comments, I had an entirely different question – In the age of digital, why spend money on billboards?My major issues with this are high costs and non-trackable ROI. High Cost, Low ROI. Are Billboards good for brand awareness? They can be. But the cost is too high for any rational justification. In my

Want to play a Marketing Game? I call it “Owning the Customer’s Brain!”

So, here’s how the game works!I’ll name a few products … you think of the first company that comes to your mind. Potato Chips Razor Blades Shoes French Fries Why do you think you first thought of these companies and not others? Is there no other company besides Lays that makes potato chips? I bet Gillette is not the only company that makes razor blades. Did Nike and McDonald’s come

The Power of Modeling

I attended many motivational seminars in early-to-mid 2000’s. During one of the talks, the speaker asked, “Do you know how to become a broke 40-year old engineer?” He answered his own question, “Go find a 40-year old broke engineer. Ask him how he got to where he is in life. Then, go ahead and do those exact same things. You too will become a 40-year old broke engineer.” Then he

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