A Truly Epic List of 25 Growth Hacks

Every new business wants to grow at full speed. Not everyone knows how to. The momentum a business gathers in the first 90 days of its launch will normally dictate its long-term prospects. It’s not always the case but quite often.

This truly epic list of growth hacks will help you take several giant leaps in your business. I wish you good luck.

  1. Launch on a Tuesday
  2. Use a Sign-up functionality that stays at the top
  3. Add an exit pop-up to your site
  4. Use your Thank you page
  5. Use your About page
  6. Use a slightly different looking Call-to-Action button
  7. Reach out to newsletter publishers in your industry
  8. Create templates and give them away
  9. Use social media for listening
  10. Roundups
  11. Charge a Tweet
  12. Guest Blogging
  13. Use Paid advertisements
  14. Google Ads for local long-tail keywords
  15. Use Live video
  16. Interview Users
  17. Partner up for a Webinar
  18. Make sign-up easy
  19. Evergreen Webinars
  20. Double Loop referral program
  21. Provide Free Installation
  22. “Better luck next time” email to contest losers
  23. Automated email series
  24. Content specific upgrades
  25. Provide social proof

Launch on a Tuesday

Why Tuesday? Most people are reeling from the weekend on Monday. Fridays are obviously bad because everyone wants to get out as fast as they can. That leaves us with Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesdays are optimal because it gives them the remaining 2-3 days of the week to learn more about your business and take action on whatever it is that you are selling. So, launch on a Tuesday.

Use a sign-up functionality that stays on the top

This is about having a call to action at the very top of your website. It’s great for any current promotions going on, or if there’s something vital you need your audience to take action on. The easiest way to implement this is to use Hello Bar. You won’t regret it.

Add an exit pop-up to your site

If you’re easily annoyed by pop-ups, don’t. This functionality right here is prime gold when you’re looking to boost your email subscribers. Check out this article that shows how Social Media Examiner added 250,000 email subscribers to their list. Yes, you read that right – A quarter million email subscribers.

Use your Thank you page

This is pretty much the most underutilized page on any website. When someone signs up to your email list or purchases a product, they’re re-directed to your Thank you page. This is prime pixel estate. Here’s something you need to understand. They have just taken massive action on your site. They love you and cherish you. They will pretty much do whatever you ask them to do at this point in time. This feeling however will dissipate within seconds if you don’t ask them to take another action right away. Up-Sell another product if you have. Or, ask them to join your social networks, or ask them share something or ask them email addresses of 5 of their friends. They will willingly give you anything you ask on the Thank you page. Try it.

Use your About us page

Just like Thank you page, this is also one of the most underutilized pages on the website. Anyone who is remotely interested in your business will come to your About page. If you look at your statistics, this will be the second most visited page on your website, following home page. In my experience, this is one of the best pages to ask your visitors to subscribe to your email list.

Use a slightly different looking Call-to-Action button

If you have more than one options for a user to choose from, slightly modify the CTA button of the option you really want them to choose. It plays right into our psychology. Copyblogger did a wonderful study about different CTA buttons. Check it out.

Reach out to newsletter publishers in your industry

Newsletter publishers are almost always looking for value-adding content to publish. If you have high value content that they can publish, it becomes a win-win situation for both parties. You get access to their email list and they get content for free.

Create templates and give them away

Templates are one of the best giveaways. It makes your audiences work easy and they can use it over and over. Need I say more? I believe you will collect email addresses faster with giving away templates than any other giveaway.

Use social media for listening

Too many businesses are focused on how to populate their social media feeds. That’s the wrong thing to focus when it comes to social media. Instead, listen for conversations on the wider network (outside your profile page). When you see relevant conversations pertaining to your business area, jump in and offer help, guidance or product. Not many businesses use social media this way. But the ones who do succeed massively. Here’s how Hilton Hotels used social media to listen and provide value.


There are many email newsletters who do a weekly or monthly roundup. They search for interesting links around the web, aggregate them in a list format and send them to their email subscribers or publish them on their blog. Reach out to them and ask if they would include your link as well. Note, more valuable your content is, higher the chance of it getting listed in the roundup lists.

Charge a tweet

Have premium quality content on your site? Wish you could charge people for it? Many do. A common way is to ask for email address before unlocking the content. But you can also ask for a social share – Tweet this, or join my Facebook group or follow me on Instagram. Whatever you heart desires.

Guest blogging

When you are just starting out, guest blogging is one of the best ways to market yourself. You can do a cold outreach to bloggers asking whether you can do a guest post on their blog, but your success ratio will be almost negligible. Instead, leverage relationships. Guest blogging doesn’t have to be just with other bloggers out there. You can reach out to publications like Inc. or Forbes or Huff Post. You might also want to reach out to your local newspaper. Ask them if they have a column in your area of expertise? What if you could be that column and supply them with content on a regular basis? Newspapers love that. Try it out.

Use paid advertisements

I am not talking about spending money on banner ads. That would be a horrible idea. Instead, run paid ads on social media – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Optimize and test your ads for maximum performance. Also track everything. So you can use the metrics to make better decisions. Here is HootSuite’s complete guide to social media advertising.

Google ads for local long-tail keywords

Google Ads are a fantastic way to generate new traffic provided you don’t go for the most generic terms. What you want to do is niche down using long tail keywords and location. This eliminates most competition and when people search for your service locally (refrigerator repair service in Cambridge, MA) you will show up at the top of Google search.

Use live video

Most people are afraid to go on video. This is a good thing for your business provided you’re not camera shy. It automatically eliminates a lot of competition. Plus, all social networks are pushing live videos into their feed so you will get a lot of organic views.

Interview users

Making your consumer a hero is one of the best marketing strategy. It makes that particular user a lifelong customer. The customer who is now your hero will naturally share this story with anybody and everybody who is willing to listen. It’s a word-of-mouth growth strategy that can produce wonderful results for your business.

Partner up for a webinar

Partnering up with someone for a webinar is an incredible hack. You both get recognition for each other’s audiences. What you want to make sure though is you both offer complimentary services, not same services.

Make sign-up easy

The more convoluted your sign-up process, the more people you will see drop off your funnel without signing up. The sign-up process you need to have should be the simplest possible. Consider asking questions such as – Do I need person’s first and last name? Do I need any part of the name? Do I need them to come up with a separate username, or can their email address double up as the username? The less information you ask, more people will sign-up. It’s that simple.

Evergreen webinars

Evergreen webinars are powerful. You do it once. And you can have people watching it over and over again. For those who are not sure what evergreen webinars are, its doing a webinar with the kind of content that makes sense four or five years down the line too. Once you have an evergreen webinar in place, the only thing you need to now figure out is traffic. Many of the other hacks in here will help you with that.

Double loop referral program

This is where both parties experience the benefits of your product or service – the person referring it and the person referred. Dropbox used this hack phenomenally. When you referred someone to Dropbox, you got extra space and the person you referred benefited with more space too. It worked like a charm and the company grew exponentially.

Provide free installation

If you are a product company, offering free installation will significantly increase your conversions. Most companies want to nickle and dime their customers. Don’t do that. Offer free installation and sign-up clients left, right and center.

“Better luck next time” email to contest losers

This is a huge missed opportunity. Have you ever ordered anything from Amazon or Ebay or any of those other big sites? How many emails do you receive from them just because you ordered a single product? Quite a few. You receive an email when you order the product. You receive email telling you when to expect the product. You receive an email telling you the product has been shipped. You receive an email asking to review the product. Then you receive an email showing you similar products to the one you just ordered.

But, when people enter contests, they don’t receive very many emails. The winner gets notified. How about the losers? Sending “Good luck next time” emails to losers does quite a few things. It lets them know you care about them despite their loss. It also tell them that there will be another contest coming. It makes them look forward to it and when you announce it, they will willingly participate.

Automated email series

When a new person signs up to your email list, what happens? Do they get an automated series of on-boarding emails? Or, do you communicate with them once a month because you don’t want to overload their inbox?

Let me share some words of wisdom with you – Out of sight, out of mind.

When a person willingly provides you with their email address, it’s because they expect to hear from you. If you give them radio silence, they will lose the excitement that made them give you their email address in the first place. Your job is to hold that excitement for as long as possible.

The email series doesn’t have to be just on-boarding emails. It can be a 7-day or 14-day or 30-day challenge. Or, it can be a course teaching them an important skill or helping them solve a problem.

Capitalize on this hack. It will change your email open rate for the better.

Content specific upgrades

Do you post content that could be expanded further with some form a download, a tutorial, a template, or another piece of content that would provide additional information? Make that your call to action at the end of the post. This will help you expand your email list.

Provide social proof

Everybody wants to do business with a somebody. Social proof gives you the credibility of being that “somebody”. Social proof eliminates fear of doing business with a “nobody” or a “zero credibility” company. It’s what testimonials are. It’s what how many people are on your email list. It’s the number of people following you on your social media accounts.

I hope these hacks helped you and you were able to use some of them. More importantly, I hope this list expanded your thinking and you thought of some more hacks that are not part of this list.

I wish you good luck with you business. If you think you can use some of these hacks but need help implementing them, I can definitely help. Just click here.

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