A Quick Summary

  • Family man – Husband, Father, Son, Brother
  • 15-year veteran of Corporate America
  • IT Director
  • Passionate about sales and online marketing
  • Small Business supporter
  • ISO 9001 practitioner
  • Martial artist
  • But mostly, Entrepreneur at Heart

Brief Peak into History

Born and raised in Bombay, India, I immigrated to the United States as a teenager. After completing high school and college, I began working in corporate America.

I was born with the love of entrepreneurship. While working full-time, I began experimenting with various business ideas. Along the way, I discovered penchant for a few things:

  • Personal development
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Reading
  • Personal finance
  • Value investing
  • Teaching
  • Creating and improvising processes

A habit that’s paid huge dividends

Approximately 10 years ago, I started spending 15-20 hours a week towards personal development. I know it seems like a lot. But, it’s really not that much. At least, not in my case.

My commute to work and back is 1 hour each way. So, that’s about 10 hours a week right there. Rather than listening to radio or music, I listen to podcasts and audio books.

I found Podcasts are also great to listen when doing mindless tasks such as walking, doing dishes or yard work That’s another few hours. I also spend 15-30 minutes each night reading before retiring to bed.

A few years into it, I had a realization. I found I was consuming content but wasn’t retaining much of it. So, I started writing to distill the information. It gave me a sense of how deeply I understood any given subject. If I felt I lacked understanding, I dove deeper into it. If not, I started learning about a different subject that caught my fancy.

Let me tell you, it’s quite exciting. Over the years, you accumulate a treasure trove of knowledge you can bore your friends and family with. 😀 You should try it if you don’t already do it.

Book marketing is exciting

In 2012, I ran into an author who needed help with marketing his books. It was perfect. He needed help with marketing and I needed someone to be my guinea pig to test my marketing ideas and theories. It worked.

Together, we sold over 200,000 books over a period of 5 years.

I have also started and failed at numerous businesses along the way. Each failure has taught me quite a bit. I carry those lessons over to my next venture (almost always. I’m human and sometimes do forget them). In such cases, life kicks in and teaches me those lessons all over again.

My Heroes

  • Mom and Dad – My parents
  • Veni Sumaria – My uncle
  • Bill Britt – Founder of Britt Worldwide
  • John Wooden – Legendary UCLA basketball coach
  • Warren Buffett – CEO of Berkshire Hathaway
  • Mahatma Gandhi – Just a cool dude

Lessons Learned and Some Beliefs

On Life

  • Become a role model to a child. There are too many critics out there in the world telling children what they cannot do and are not capable of. In short, children need role models, not critics.
  • Spend some time everyday learning something new. It’s the only way to stay young and keep one’s mind sharp.
  • Take time to rejuvenate whenever possible. Often times, a long two-hour walk in the woods without the cell phone will do the trick.

On Hiring

  • Hire for attitude. Competencies can be learned.
  • A college degree should never be a prerequisite for hiring. That’s just dumb. Willingness to learn and grow should be the prerequisites for hiring.

On Marketing

  • Marketing is about shooting little shots, often number of times.
  • Spend 10% of your marketing budget (time and money) testing new
    marketing methods. Spend the rest on what’s currently working in
    your favor.

On Attitude

  • When given a task, do whatever it takes to complete the task and then do some more.
  • What you focus on expands. Hence, focus on possibility.