About Mayur

This is what I looked like when I still had a head full of hair.

Hi there … I’m Mayur.

Sidebar … It’s okay if you cannot pronounce my name right. Most people can’t. I got stories I can tell you. You should ask when we meet. I’ll even tell you about an African Black Jack dealer named !Xobile, unless you’ve already heard about him.

A little bit about me. An entrepreneur at heart, I explore how businesses run and continually looks for ways to improve efficiency and sales.

I started my first business venture, at the age of 10 where I rented comic books to my classmates. Since then, my entrepreneurial ventures have evolved significantly. Today, I am the founder of Gudka Networks, a parent company for many smaller brands including Websum, an online marketing company and Enjoyable Books, a book marketing company.

So, now you know me. Now its your turn.

You are? Here’s a better idea. How about sending me an email and telling me about you? I’d love to get to know you. Tell me who you are, where you’re from, what you’re up to these days and any big future plans you’re excited about and would like to share.

Rumor is … “Mayur is very good at listening.”

Exciting News X 2:

If you know of successful business owners interested in getting interviewed, I would love to know. Please email me at mayur@mayurgudka.com.

My guiding principles

  • Always believe in yourself and believe in possibilities whether others do or not.
  • When you do things with intent, you get intended results.
  • To be in the classes, look at the masses, and do the exact opposite.
  • Every solution has a problem. If we don’t have it, someone else does. But, it’s there.
  • You can either make money or you can make excuses. But, you cannot make both at the same time.
  • Ego and pride are the worst things you can own. Dispose of them as quickly and as often as possible.

This is what I look now, after losing most of my hair.

Trivia about me

  • I fluently speak, read and write 4 languages.
  • I have learned 3 different styles of martial arts.
  • I’ve been called an IT God, a Marketing Magician & a Do-Over Expert. But, I prefer just Mayur.
  • For the last 10 years, I’ve spend 15 hours every week learning and growing myself. It’s a habit that pays huge dividends.
  • Oh, and I tell the best jokes.

Here’s a joke for you.

A man went to a political rally. After listening to a long, boring speech, he turned to the person sitting next to him and said, “This speech was so boring, my butt fell asleep.”

The other person said, “I know. I heard it snore twice.”

Want to connect with me?

It’s easy. Type my name “Mayur Gudka” in Google and you’ll find me.

Email me at mayur@mayurgudka.com or follow me on Twitter @mayurgudka.

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