About Mayur

This is what I looked like when I still had a head full of hair.

Hi Friend,

My name is Mayur Gudka and I’m your friend.

Growing up, I’ve always seen my parents work for themselves. Was I destined to be an entrepreneur? You could say so. I also like teaching though. As a young child, I would create a “fake” exam and tutor kids in my neighborhood, just for kicks.

Pre-Teen years

I also started my first business at the age of 10. My friend Nilesh and I opened a comic book rental booth outside his father’s convenience store. Our business would be open only during weekends and summer vacations. We would rent comics for a quarter. You had 1 week to return it. After that, you would be charged a quarter a day. What about our book suppliers? That was each of our bookshelves. The business lasted for a couple of summers.

An early unconscious decision

In early 90s, our business was affected by the recession. We had a construction business. Everything was built and ready to be sold. But no one was buying any properties. This created a cash crunch in our family. I don’t believe I will ever forget that time in my life. But in my early teen years, I unconsciously formed a decision to never be short of money. I did not realize it until recently, but that has been the reason for my quest of financial education. Now you know.

Teen years

As a teen, I learned how to design websites and built quite a lucrative business making websites for local businesses. It provided me with enough pocket change while in college.


As I grew up, I developed an affinity for money. Not to hoard it, but I saw money more as a tool to do things and it quickly became a game in my mind. This game soon gave birth to numerous businesses. My businesses have mostly included marketing and computer networking companies. Many I’ve failed at, some I succeeded and others are still in idea form, waiting to be germinated. Whether you’re a success or failure, you learn a lot from building a business. If you’ve been thinking about going in business for yourself, stop thinking, start doing. I heard a quote a long time ago and it helped me. Maybe it will motivate you too.

“Working 9 to 5 makes you a living. but working 5-9 will get you freedom.”

In short, I have spent almost the last 20 years of my life in the areas of financial education and online marketing. I would seek the masters of the world and learn from them (mostly through their books). In 2003, I was introduced to a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) opportunity. I didn’t last long but I build a habit of personal development through it. It was one of the best investments of my life.

In 2008, I lost a thousand dollars investing in the stock market. That made me mad. As many of you I don’t like losing money. So, I Googled “Who is the best investor in the world?” Google spit out one answer – Warren Buffett. I started learning about who Buffett was and what made him the best. That introduced me to the concept of Value Investing. I spent the next 6 months reading all of Buffet’s shareholder letters and several books written about Buffett. I even adopted his investment philosophy. That has been golden. I began investing and it worked liked a charm.

This is me today.


Let’s fast-forward to 2012. While building my marketing business, I met Leo J. Maloney, author of Dan Morgan Thriller Series. It was 2012. His publisher had told him he needed to “do more social media”. Leo was clueless about it. I offered to help. We scheduled an initial 30-minute consultation. It ended up being over 2-hour meeting. We connected like old friends. Since then, we’ve grown his Facebook fans to over 7,000, his Twitter followers over 18,000 and in the process sold over 200,000 books.

Over the years, I have had the good fortune of working with authors, small business owners and individuals who want to take their lives to the next level.

Today I enjoy sharing the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years in the areas of marketing, financial education and value investing through speaking, writing and providing one-on-one education and consultation.

Do you wish you and I could join forces and make great things happen?

Best and the Greatest part of my life

That would be family – both immediate and extended. Here’s my two kids that keep me on my toes all the time and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

My guiding principles

  • Always believe in yourself and believe in possibilities whether others do or not.
  • When you do things with intent, you get intended results.
  • To be in the classes, look at the masses, and do the exact opposite.
  • Every solution has a problem. If we don’t have it, someone else does. But, it’s there.
  • You can either make money or you can make excuses. But, you cannot make both at the same time.
  • Ego and pride are the worst things you can own. Dispose of them as quickly and as often as possible.

Trivia about me

  • I fluently speak, read and write four languages.
  • I have learned 3 different styles of martial arts.
  • I’ve been called an IT God, a Marketing Magician & a Do-Over Expert.
  • For the last 10 years, I’ve spend 15 hours every week learning and growing myself. It’s a habit that has paid huge dividends.
  • I tell the best jokes.

Here’s a joke for you.

A man went to a political rally. After listening to a long, boring speech, he turned to the person sitting next to him and said, “This speech was so boring, my butt fell asleep.”

The other person said, “I know. I heard it snore twice.”

Connect with me

Email me at mayur@mayurgudka.com or follow me on Twitter @mayurgudka.

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