Customer complaints are gifts. Treasure them.

If you have a business, chances are you will have some customer complaints. No business can escape that. The difference between a great business and okay business is what do you once a customer complains?

Survey shows only a very small percentage of unhappy customers complaint.

The rest make a silent vow of never to spend their money on your business.

Isn’t that terrible? Don’t you wish more of your customers complained? It obviously gives you an opportunity to improve and win back their trust.

The worst is a silent unhappy customers. The one who won’t complain, just go about their way. In their mind, they’re not being rude to you by complaining. But, if they don’t complain, how can you win them back?

But, there just might be a way to get your customers to complain.

How to Get More Customer Complaints?

Follow-up after the transaction asking for feedback.

One way to get feedback is to ask them to score you on different areas of transaction.

Some ideas for businesses with physical locations.

  • Wait time before a salesperson approached them
  • Knowledgeability and usefulness of the salesperson
  • Product Selection
  • Checkout line
  • Checkout process

Some ideas for online businesses

  • Product selection
  • Ease of finding the product
  • Online Assistance Tool
  • Checkout process

Avoid asking questions such as “How did you find our website?” You can find this out for yourself by installing an analytic software on your website.

Focus on questions a software cannot answer on behalf of a customer.

Simply the scoring system too. When companies ask to score them on scale of one to 10, no one will ever give you a 6.75. It aggravates me when companies do that. Instead make the scoring system simple – just 1, 2 or 3.

  • One stands for “Just plain bad. Can’t go anymore downhill”
  • Two stands for “Could’ve been better”
  • Three stands for “Oh, dear god. I love it”

Some final things to consider and remember when asking for feedback.

  • Ask no more than one open ended question. Preferably, “what is one biggest change you would like to see implemented before your next visit?”
  • The customer is a busy person and be considerate of it. Keep the number of questions under 5. A lengthy survey automatically triggers a “No, thank you.” response in me.
  • Keep your scoring system simple.

Next time a customer complaints, be happy. Thank them. Ask them how you can improve. Make the change and notify them. Invite them again.

You will almost always turn a unhappy customer into a raving fan.

Now, don’t you just wish ALL of your unhappy customers complained?

I do.

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