Enthusiasm, I believe is to be the master secret of selling. Sure, you can learn all kinds of sales skills and techniques. But, if the customer doesn’t see you excited about what they’re being presented with, they … aren’t … buying.

Enthusiasm is the largest factor in selling. Have you ever bought anything from an unenthusiastic sales person? Correcto Mundo. Me neither.

Those who think selling is difficult are usually not enthusiastic about what they are selling to, or who they are selling to, or maybe both. These sales people need to find something else to sell, something they would be enthusiastic about.

Here’s what I believe about selling.

Key to all sales is enthusiasm, coupled with persistence and some skill.

Here a revelation (to me at least) about enthusiasm.

It’s easy to be enthusiastic when you are not worried about things in life.
It is difficult to be enthusiastic when we are worried.

Looking back, I’ve always found selling to be easy when I have had plenty of cash to fall back on. Selling was easy when I did not need that sale. I wasn’t desperate. It was easy to gather and show my enthusiasm. The opposite was also true. When times were tough, and I tell you sometimes they were, I couldn’t show enthusiasm no matter how much I tried faking it. Desperation would show instead.

As a lifelong sales person, this was an important revelation to me. I’m thankful that I realized it because now I can fix it.

Secret Enthusiasm List

Have you ever read the book Secret by Rhonda Byrne? I have. In the book, she says there are a handful of things everyone does that makes them instantly happy. She asks readers to compile such a list and keep it with themselves at all times. What if there was a your very own personalized secret list of enthusiasm? What little things can you think of that will quickly make you excited?

Here’s a snippet of my list. Maybe it will help you kick-start yours.

  • A cup of coffee or Starbucks hot chocolate
  • Donating a dollar or more to someone in need
  • Helping someone solve a problem
  • High Intensity Exercises

Do you think this post has nothing to do with you because you’re not a sales person? Let me tell you this … YOU ARE A SALES PERSON. You might not be selling a product for a living, but you’re constantly selling yourself and your ideas.

Have you ever peddled your resume looking for a job?

Ever proposed to someone or ask someone out on date?

Ever tried to teach a child right from wrong?

What about trying to win an argument?

Every person in this world is a salesman or saleswoman whether we like that term or not. And the key to being a successful sales person is one word … enthusiasm.

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