Financial Literacy Quiz

Financial Literacy is the main difference between the rich and the poor.

Find out how you rate on the financial literacy scale!

If you saved $100 in a savings account that earned 2 percent interest each year, how much money would you have in five years?

If you take a loan of 10,000 at 20% interest and don't make any payments. How much money will you owe at the end of four years?

True or False? You do not pay any taxes on your returns in Roth IRA.

True or False? Buying a single company stock usually provides a safer return than a stock mutual fund.

Generally, what is the relationship between interest rates and bond prices?

Your payment on a 15-year mortgage is higher than your payment on a 30-year mortgage. Does that mean you will pay less in overall interest on a 15-year mortgage?

In terms of credit, what does APR stand for?

When are you entitled to receive a free credit report?

Which of the following is NOT covered by Medicare Parts A and B?

Does a WILL protect your estate from probate?

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