How much time should I spend on social media?

Building a presence on social media is kind of like flying an airplane.

Let me explain.

The largest amount of force is exerted during the first few minutes of the flight, while it’s climbing altitude. Once it reaches a certain altitude, you can lessen the force, put it on auto pilot and it will continue functioning well.

A few observations here.

  1. You (the pilot) need to manually help it climb a certain altitude. You cannot turn it on and put it on auto pilot straight away. Doesn’t work that way. You’ll crash and burn.
  2. After it reaches a certain altitude, you can put it on auto pilot without worrying too much.
  3. You do however need to monitor it from time to time to ensure it is cruising as expected. If not, you take manual control of it again until it begins working as intended.
  4. Turbulence is part of flying an airplane. You learn to anticipate it and take precautions.

Social media is no different.

In the beginning you will have to put in a lot of time and sweat equity until you build a certain level of credibility.

Once that happens and people get to know you, your following will start multiplying without you doing much work. You can now sit back and relax a bit.

You will have to monitor it to make sure things are going as expected, your following is growing and your content is being liked and shared well.

You also have to watch out for new and upcoming trends and plan how you can take advantage of it.

So, how much time should you spend on social media?

Every free minute in the beginning. If this scares you, you’re not built for social media. Find another way to market your products and services.

But, as your following grows and you build name recognition, you can decrease your time on social media and enjoy the benefits of it.

Many of us are looking for the quick silver social-media bullet. There is none. It requires hard work and creativity. You cannot throw money and it and expect it to grow.

You need good quality content that others want and desire in order for your following to grow on social media.

It’s quite simple. But, simple doesn’t mean easy. You are an entrepreneur. You cannot be afraid of work. If you are, you’re not an entrepreneur. You’re a wantapreneur.

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