Understanding why people quit and how you can succeed

Want to build a massive Instagram following? You got to do the work. You have to post regularly. You have to follow others so you can be social with them. Like their pictures. Comment on other people’s content. That’s how you build a massive Instagram following. One like, one comment, one follower at a time. That takes Work. Want to make a lot of sales? Make a lot of calls.

How to Schedule your Day for Peak Creative Performance

I recently came across an article by Amber Rae (Creator of The World We Want) titled, “How to Schedule your Day for Peak Creative Performance.” This post is inspired by Amber’s article. In the article, Amber talks about dividing your day in four sections – Work, Play, Fit and Push. Work and Fit are pretty self-explanatory. Play involves where you detach yourself completely from your work and focus on something

5 checks you should do on a dividend stock

Dividend stocks are attractive because they can be a steady stream of income. However, you should exercise caution before buying dividend stocks. Anytime you buy a dividend stock, you want to make sure the stock satisfies the five following checks. I’ll soon tell you why. It pays high dividend The dividend is paid consistently over long periods of time Dividend has grown over the years Dividend comes from its earnings

The curse of knowledge accumulation

Yes, knowledge is great. But knowledge accumulation can be a threat. But when you gather too much knowledge without implementing what you already know, you get stuck into a phase I call “knowledge accumulation”. It slowly creeps up on you. And once you get stuck here, it becomes an addiction too difficult to get out of. I’ve been there and it’s not pretty. I call this phase, “knowledge constipation.” You

What is your self worth tied to?

A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to witness a debate. I am unsure of how it began. But, there was talk about how a person’s identity was tied to their job title. The most common question in the world is “How are you?” The second most common question is “What do you do?” We often answer the second question with our job title. What happens if we lose

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