A Blissfully Dissatisfied Life

I was listening to The Empire Podcast Show recently. The episode featured David Meltzer. He mentioned two words that perked my ears. He described his life as “Blissfully Dissatisfied”. I thought, this is genius. It ought to be a way of life. Let me explain. I am constantly pursuing something or the other. I don’t stay still. These days, I am working towards building my physical endurance. I want to

Thoughts On Progress

When it comes to progress, direction matters more than speed. As long as you are moving in the right direction, you will continue making progress. It may not be at the speed you desire, but you will make progress nonetheless. This is tricky, because by default we tend to focus on speed rather than direction. It’s human nature. The focus on direction requires conscious effort. Rest assured, at some point

Three Choices: Play Offense, Defense, or Sit on Bench?

At any given moment in time, we’re doing one of three things – Playing offense, playing defense, or sitting on the bench. Most people spend majority of their life either sitting on the bench or playing defense. Sitting on the bench is the easiest of three. It’s wasting time. Playing defense is slightly difficult. Playing defense is also known as playing catch-up. It’s usually reacting to life situations that have

Small Business Marketing Book

Sales is the lifeblood of any business, big or small. Without sales, the doors get shut, jobs get lost and dreams get shattered. But it’s impossible to get sales if no one knows about you. That’s where marketing comes in. Mastering small business marketing is no small feat. People spend lifetimes doing it. I have been fortunate enough to be able to do so as well. I have studied and

Understanding why people quit and how you can succeed

Want to build a massive Instagram following? You got to do the work. You have to post regularly. You have to follow others so you can be social with them. Like their pictures. Comment on other people’s content. That’s how you build a massive Instagram following. One like, one comment, one follower at a time. That takes Work. Want to make a lot of sales? Make a lot of calls.

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Maximize Your Potential

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