Sales: The only thing new entrepreneurs should focus on

Starting your first business? It’s so exciting.

You probably have a large to-d0 list.

May I make a suggestion? Rip that list and throw it down the drain.

There are only two things you need right now.

  1. A starter website that provides information about what your company does
  2. A sales process

You take care of the website. I’ve drafted a basic sales process for you here:

It’s a simple four step process.

  1. Identify and build a list of potential prospects
  2. Call or e mail and setup meetings with them
  3. Present your product or service
  4. Follow up for a yes or no decision

So, what is the best approach to execute each of these steps? I don’t know the answer for you.

There are myriad of ways you can accomplish each of these steps. Use the “trial and error” method to figure out what works best for you. There are books available on each of these steps with countless methods within.

The bottom line is – As a new entrepreneur, you should be focusing all your energies on selling your products or services. Nothing else.

This does one simple thing. It generates cash.

A very important thing to have when you are starting a new business.

One final tip.

Make your list of prospects as large as possible. It breeds confidence and it will show through in your sales presentations.

Good luck!

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