I am currently working on building two online courses

  • Smart MS Word and Excel
  • Developing a Side Hustle

Smart Hacks for MS Word and Excel

I have been working in IT for the past 13 years and it completely boggles my mind how many people cannot perform simple tasks in Microsoft Office.

So, to help increase productivity, I am developing a course that will teach people how to use MS Word and Excel in a smart manner.

If this is of interest to you, email me at mayurgudka@gmail.com and let me know. I will send you an email when I put the course out.

Develop A Side Hustle

When it comes to finances, people fall in one of four categories.

  • Struggling – Your month lasts longer than your money
  • Stability – You are one paycheck away from financial disaster
  • Success – You have significant amount of savings and a comfortable lifestyle
  • Significance – You are using your wealth to make a difference in the world

Most people living today fall in the first two categories. The course, “Develop a Side Hustle” is to help these people.

The course teaches how to generate side hustle ideas, how to pick the best one, how to bring the idea to life, how to find customers and how to build upon initial success.

If you are someone who could use some extra cash in your pocket every month and is not afraid of hard work, this course will be for you. Email me at mayurgudka@gmail.com and I will let you know when the course is ready.