Three reasons why your video isn’t converting + a bonus reason

You know video is the future of marketing. You understand it, accept it, you have started creating videos and are posting them online.

But, you don’t see anything happening afterwards. You are not getting any leads. This is a problem.

The thing about problems is you cannot solve it unless you know the issue. You need to do some diagnosis. Let’s start.

There are three reasons why your video isn’t converting:

Your videos are made for TV

For decades we have been conditioned through television commercials that videos need to look slick and professional.

That is utterly false when it comes to online marketing.

Do you watch YouTube? How fast do you click the “Skip Ad” button on the bottom right of the video?

I personally watch the counter (not the video). And as soon as that sucker hits 0.00, I press the mouse and skip the ad. If you’re like most people, you do the exact same.

So, what kind of videos should you create then?

Content with Context

Here are some tips:

  • Create videos that are content pieces, not commercials.
  • Grab the viewers attention in the first 3 seconds by telling them exactly what they should expect.
  • Provide value bombs in the beginning so they continue watching
  • Appeal to their head and their heart through sound reasoning

This brings us to the second reason of why your video isn’t converting

You don’t have a call to action

A fabulous video does no good if there is no call to action attached to it.

Listen to me – No matter how good your video is, people will forget it in the next few minutes.

If your objective is to convert a prospect via video, you need a link they can click on and fill out a form. That’s the only way you’ll convert from that video.

Here’s a professional tip for you:

Sprinkle your call to action several times within the video.

Saying “Click on this link” once towards the end of the video is not going to cut it. It’s like getting a child to do something – you have to tell them 5-7 times before they will actually go ahead and do it. Same concept. Sprinkle your call to action throughout the video several times and see your click through rate jump sky high.

Your sign-up process is too difficult

If people are clicking on the link you supplied in the video, but not actually filling out the form … there’s something wrong with your form.

You’re making it too difficult. There are a few ways you can make this difficult.

  • You’re asking for too much information.
  • Branding on the page does not correlate to the branding on the video. Prospect’s thinking – Did I click on the wrong link?
  • Your page and form look amateurish.
  • Your page is not mobile-friendly

Fix these issues and you will see your conversions go through the roof.

Bonus Reason – People cannot find your video

If you don’t have proper SEO applied to your video, it will be very difficult for people to find your video.

Naturally, if people cannot find your video, they cannot watch it or click the link and sign-up.

One way to find this problem is check for the number of views your video has generated. If the number is too low, this is your issue. Fix it.

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