Value Investing

In short, value investing is investing in high quality stocks at distressed prices.

It’s an investing philosophy so simple that most people dismiss it. Because many people think, investing in the stock market has to be complex.

Value investing is also the investing philosophy used by the most successful investor in the world, Warren Buffett.

Value investing is simple

If you can do the following things, you have the potential to become a very good value investor.

  • Understand your potential investment well (how it makes money, how it spends money, it challenges, etc.)
  • Figure out the fair value of your investment
  • Find out long-term durable competitive advantage of your investment
  • Determine the quality of management running the company
  • Read financial statements
  • Ask right questions

If you cannot, that’s okay. Learn these things and you will do well as an investor.

How can YOU learn value investing?

I am offering a 15-day value investing course. Here’s what the course covers.

  • Day 1 – Introduction to Value Investing, Benjamin Graham & Warren Buffett
  • Day 2 – Know what you are investing into
  • Day 3 – How to identify Margin of Safety
  • Day 4 – How to find company’s Durable, competitive advantage
  • Day 5 – How to tell the quality of company’s management
  • Day 6 – Necessary Habits & Temperaments of a Value Investor
  • Day 7 – Learn to search for potential investments
  • Day 8 – Understanding the basics of reading the income statement
  • Day 9 – Understanding the basics of reading the balance sheet
  • Day 10 – Understanding the basics of reading the cash flow statement
  • Day 11 – How to building your investment criteria
  • Day 12 – Analyzing stocks
  • Day 13 – Analyzing stocks
  • Day 14 – GDP to Market Cap Ratio
  • Day 15 – Resources & Course Re-cap

The course is currently closed.

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